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Beatrice Joanna and the Rhetoric of Rape
Department of English Publications
  • Kim Solga, Western University
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Book Chapter
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In this chapter, Solga revisits her 2009 analysis of the notorious female character at the centre of Middleton and Rowley’s revenge tragedy as a rape victim. She reflects on the stakes of reading representations of Beatrice Joanna under the umbrella of sexual violence, and asks instead what it would mean to ascribe sexual agency to the character. How do the identities we assign to characters in performance impact our capacity to imagine more fulsomely progressive representations of those characters in future?


In Part III of Vanguard Performance beyond Left and Right. Edited by Kimberly Jannarone . Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2015

Citation Information
Kim Solga. "Beatrice Joanna and the Rhetoric of Rape" (2015) p. 246 - 263
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