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Playing The Changeling Architecturally
Performing Environments: Site Specificity in Medieval & Early Modern English Drama (2014)
  • Kim Solga, The University of Western Ontario
Performing Environments is an original and important collection examining site specificity in a diverse range of medieval and early modern performance cultures. The chapters take up theories of site specificity more commonly deployed in the study of contemporary work in order to raise new questions and suggest innovative approaches to the study of performance in the historical past. The book provides an introduction to site specific theories as well as a review of the recent 'geographical turn' in medieval and early modern scholarship that frames the studies for both novice and expert readers. Individual chapters explore both theatrical performances and paratheatrical events through the lens of site specificity; together they not only interrogate the role and impact of place on experiences of production and reception, but also demonstrate how genealogies of performance might challenge more conventional literary periodization. List of Contributors: Patricia Badir, Susan Bennett, Sarah Crover, Elisabeth Dutton, Jim Ellis, Helen Ostovich, Vimala C. Pasupathi, Mary Polito, Joseph Rodriguez, Julie Sanders, Amy Scott, Kim Solga, Kevin Teo and Clare Wright.
  • Early modern theatre,
  • early modern drama,
  • The Changeling,
  • Thomas Middleton and William Rowley,
  • feminist approach
Publication Date
Susan Bennett and Mary Polito
Citation Information
Kim Solga. "Playing The Changeling Architecturally" BasingstokePerforming Environments: Site Specificity in Medieval & Early Modern English Drama (2014)
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