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New Canadian Realisms: Eight Plays
  • Kim Solga, The University of Western Ontario
  • Roberta Barker, Dalhousie University
New Canadian Realisms: Eight Plays collects works of contemporary theatre, each of which may be defined as “realist” through both a crucial link to the past and a zest for re-tooling old definitions. Grounded by Gwen Pharis Ringwood’s pioneering Still Stands the House, the anthology also features trey anthony’s ’da Kink in my hair, Tara Beagan’s Miss Julie: Sheh’mah, Madeleine Blais-Dahlem’s sTain, Hillar Liitoja’s The Last Supper, selections from the Impromptu Splendor series by National Theatre of the World, Theatre Replacement’s BioBoxes, and Zuppa Theatre’s Penny Dreadful, as well as a series of text-specific introductions and a resource page for students and researchers. Designed to be read alongside NECT Vol. 2 but just as provocative on its own, this collection will be an ideal teaching tool for a wide array of Canadian theatre courses. Winner of the Canadian Association for Theatre Research's Patrick O'Neill Award for Best Edited Collection, 2013.
  • Canadian theatre,
  • new Canadian plays,
  • stage realism
Publication Date
Playwrights Canada Press
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Kim Solga and Roberta Barker. New Canadian Realisms: Eight Plays. Toronto(2012)
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