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Performance and the City
  • Kim Solga, The University of Western Ontario
  • D.J. Hopkins, San Diego State University
  • Shelley Orr, San Diego State University
Urban Studies has long understood the city as a 'text'. What would it mean now to rethink that metaphor? In answer to that question, Performance and the City, now in paperback and with a new preface by Susan Bennett, imagines civic spaces built on, and through, theatre and performance of all kinds. Featuring essays by Marla Carlson, Jen Harvie, D.J. Hopkins and Shelley Orr, Ric Knowles, Laura Levin, Michael McKinnie, Rebecca Rugg, Rebecca Schneider, Marlis Schweitzer, Kim Solga, Joanne Tompkins, and Klaus van den Berg, as well as an Afterword by Barbara Hodgdon, Performance and the City explores an interdisciplinary range of topics, including: theatre and urban policy development; architecture, trauma, and memory; urban performance history; site-specific performance and urban politics; sexuality and nationality in urban performance; and environmental performance theory.
  • Performance,
  • theatre,
  • city,
  • urban,
  • social policy
Publication Date
Spring 2009
Palgrave MacMillan
Citation Information
Kim Solga, D.J. Hopkins and Shelley Orr. Performance and the City. paperbackBasingstoke(2009)
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