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Librarians as Campus Partners: Supporting Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Curriculum
College & Research Libraries News
  • Kimberly D Pendell, Portland State University
  • Robert Schroeder, Portland State University
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  • Research -- Methodology -- Study and teaching,
  • Curricula (Courses of study),
  • Information literacy
Diversity and inclusion initiatives are expanding on campuses across the United States. These initiatives can take many forms, such as the hiring and retention of diverse faculty, student recruitment, and a thoughtful examination of pedagogy and course curriculum. As a librarian, you may be aware of these efforts, but perhaps not as directly involved as disciplinary faculty, particularly in regards to course curriculum development and redesign. How librarians can participate and support this work on our campuses is not always clear; however, we found fertile opportunities for librarian involvement and leadership.

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Pendell, Kimberly; Schroeder, Robert. Librarians as campus partners: Supporting culturally responsive and inclusive curriculum. College & Research Libraries News, v. 78, n. 8, p. 414, sep. 2017.