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Quantitative Data from: Tutor-Facilitated Digital Literacy Acquisition in Hard-to-Serve Populations
  • Jill Castek, Portland State University
  • Gloria Jacobs, Portland State University
  • Kimberly D. Pendell, Portland State University
  • Drew Pizzolato, Portland State University
  • Stephen Reder, Portland State University
  • Elizabeth Withers, Portland State University
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This dataset supports a research effort focused on examining the digital literacy acquisition process among vulnerable adult learners who participated in digital literacy programming offered through partnerships in the Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant entitled "Learner Web Partnership: A Multi-State Support System for Broadband Adoption by Vulnerable Adults." That grant was focused on addressing the barriers to broadband use in vulnerable and digitally excluded populations. Together, these efforts sought to better understand how individuals (such as low-income adults, unemployed adults, adults without a high school education, immigrants and non-native English speakers, seniors, incarcerated adults and ex-offenders, etc.) acquire digital literacy.

These data were collected through two web-based systems used during the PSU-BTOP project. All of the data from learners were collected through the online learning platform, the Learner Web, as it was used during the project. This system tracked the participants’ interactions with the online learning content including information regarding learner behaviors in terms of selection, activation, and completion of learning plans, use of online resources, as well as their self-reported demographic information. Learners who participated in the program completed over 37,000 learning plans within the Learner Web system. The sample size was N= 12,126. The data about tutors and tutoring hours were collected through a web-based time clock, where tutors recorded their start time, stop time, and location.

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Castek, J., Jacobs, G., Pendell, K., Pizzolato, D., Reder S., & Withers, E. (2016). Quantitative Data from: Tutor-Facilitated Digital Literacy Acquisition in Hard-to-Serve Populations.