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Language Learners: The Learner/Tutor Relationship
Research Briefs and Case Studies
  • Jill Castek, Portland State University
  • Gloria Jacobs, Portland State University
  • Kimberly D. Pendell, Portland State University
  • Drew Pizzolato, Portland State University
  • Stephen Reder, Portland State University
  • Elizabeth Withers, Portland State University
Document Type
Research Brief
Publication Date
  • Adult literacy,
  • Computer assisted instruction,
  • Digital divide,
  • Tutors and tutoring
The Learner/Tutor Relationship brief describes findings that show how tutors who are bilingual are preferred by English language learners, even when they do not speak the learner’s first language. The unique ways that tutors and learners work together in digital literacy acquisition program are featured. The Research Briefs series highlight key findings about how underserved adults acquire digital literacy skills, and include quotes from participants and practitioners. The Briefs are designed to be accessible by practitioners, program administrators, and policy makers to inform and enhance digital literacy programs.

Authors listed in alphabetical order.

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Castek, J., Jacobs, G., Pendell, K., Pizzolato, D., Reder S., & Withers, E. (2015). Language Learners: The Learner/Tutor Relationship (Digital Literacy Acquisition in Brief).