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Methods for the Isolation of Sensory and Primary Cilia—An Overview
Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Kimberly A. P. Mitchell, Liberty University
  • Gabor Szabo
  • Angela de S. Otero
Publication Date
Published in Methods in Cell Biology, R. Sloboda, ed., Vol. 94, pp. 87–101. Academic Press.
Detailed proteomic analyses of mammalian olfactory and rod photoreceptor sensory cilia are now available, providing an inventory of resident ciliary proteins and laying the foundation for future studies of developmental and spatio-temporal changes in the composition of sensory cilia. Cilia purification methods that were elaborated and perfected over several decades were essential for these advances. In contrast, the proteome of primary cilia is yet to be established, because purification procedures for this organelle have been developed only recently. In this chapter we review current techniques for the purification of olfactory and photoreceptor cilia, and evaluate methods designed for the selective isolation of primary cilia.
Citation Information
Kimberly A. P. Mitchell, Gabor Szabo and Angela de S. Otero. "Methods for the Isolation of Sensory and Primary Cilia—An Overview" (2009)
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