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Kima Cargill at Town Hall Seattle: The Psychology of Overeating
  • Kima Cargill
Americans are obsessed with having it all — cars, homes, fun, alcohol, and food. In The Psychology of Overeating, researcher Kima Cargill lays bare this “culture of consumerism” and how it’s led to extreme rates of overeating (and subsequent health problems). She’ll explain the ways depression and loneliness lead to the need to consume things, how lack of accurate nutritional facts drives inadvisable food choices, and the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the food industry. By explaining the psychology behind overeating, she’ll also offer solutions to counter what Marion Nestle calls “the many moral, political, economic, and social imperatives to consume.”
Publication Date
November 15, 2015
Citation Information
Kima Cargill. "Kima Cargill at Town Hall Seattle: The Psychology of Overeating" (2015)
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