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Indolicious: sensuous scholarship in everyday life studies
International Conference: Food for thought
  • Kim M Satchell, Southern Cross University
  • Clifton Evers, University of New South Wales
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This panel discusses research methodologies in Cultural Studies, the Ecological Humanities and Everyday Life Studies, as an emergent coastal philosophy concerned with ecology and the transformation of everyday life. In a performative and recursive process of fieldwork, everyday life, communication and writing practices, from pen to pixel to publications. The case study is based upon fieldwork in Indonesia including coastal dwelling, surfing, walking, photography, journals, diaries and philosophical thought on ecology, globalisation, capitalism, technology, surfing and culture. The panel sets up an ‘event’ concerned with the ‘material’ in the process of sensuous scholarship in action. The fieldwork is taking place in the context of Indonesia and the interests of the researchers as part of doctoral and postdoctoral research work. The connections between Surf Culture, Indonesia and Australia have a well documented beginning courtesy of the Alby Falzon movie ‘Morning of the Earth’ produced thirty eight years ago. However the focus of the case study here is a sample of everyday life and thought, in the ‘off’ surf season and ‘on’/’off’ tourist season in Indonesia 2009. This will be a live, open-ended and experimental conversation, about research methodologies, ethics and academic freedom, in the institutional context in which new century academics work. In the polemological space of the 21ST Century, and particular Indonesia, using a Hetereological-approach to self-other directed learning, brings into tension post-colonial thought, everyday life studies and the more-than human world perspectives of the ecological humanities. ‘Indolicious’ is a taste of emergent thought.
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Satchell. KM & Evers, C 2010, 'Indolicious: sensuous scholarship in everyday life studies', paper presented to International Conference: Food for thought, Barcelona, Spain, 1-5 February.