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The D.B. Weldon Library's Instruction Portfolio: A Grassroots, Team-Based Approach
Western Libraries Presentations
  • Kim McPhee, University of Western Ontario
  • Melanie Mills, University of Western Ontario
  • Marg Sloan, University of Western Ontario
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In an effort to address ever-shifting staffing levels and evolving service demands, staff in the Research & Instructional Services department of The D.B. Weldon Library at Western University developed and implemented a new and strategic approach to structuring their work. The ‘Portfolio Model’ provides a framework for organizing the primary functions of the department - collections, instruction and reference - while at the same time preserving liaison at its core. Through a close examination of this grassroots effort and in particular, the achievements realized and challenges faced by the team of librarians and library assistants who together comprise the ‘Instruction Portfolio’, this poster presentation provides insight into one academic library’s strategic approach to the development and delivery of instructional services at a time when resources are scarce and accountability more crucial than ever for all Ontario college and university libraries.


Poster presentation delivered at the 2013 Ontario College and University Library Association (OCULA) Spring Conference held in Jordan Station, Ontario. 26 April 2013. Winner, Best Print Poster.

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Kim McPhee, Melanie Mills and Marg Sloan. "The D.B. Weldon Library's Instruction Portfolio: A Grassroots, Team-Based Approach" (2013)
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