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Service Learning With a Geriatric Population
Nursing Faculty Publications
  • Audrey M. Beauvais, Fairfield University
  • Kim Foito, Sacred Heart University
  • Nina Pearlin, Sacred Heart University
  • Eileen Yost, Sacred Heart University
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Relatively few nursing students choose to specialize in geriatric nursing. While increased clinical exposure and improved knowledge of the elderly have been proposed to manage this staffing dilemma, successful strategies have not been identified. This study examined nursing students' attitudes and knowledge about the elderly, before and after service learning experiences in Senior Citizen Centers. Through these interventions, students had significantly improved attitudes and knowledge about the elderly.
Citation Information
Beauvais, A., Foito, K., Pearlin, N., & Yost, E. (2015). Service Learning With a Geriatric Population. Nurse Educator, 40(6), 318-321. doi:10.1097/NNE.0000000000000181