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Introduction to Various Online Teaching Tools
William & Mary Law School’s Conference for Excellence in Online Teaching Legal Research & Writing
  • Sue Altmeyer
  • Tiffany Johnson
  • Joy Kanwar
  • Abby Perdue
  • Kim D. Ricardo
  • Sarah Starnes
Start Date
18-6-2020 4:15 PM
End Date
18-6-2020 5:00 PM
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Because of the current pandemic, in the fall, many LRW faculty will meet their students for the first time on an online platform. In preparation for this, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all of the online teaching tools out there. We've come together to find some of the best and coolest tools to help you figure out what works best for planning, creating content, and actively teaching online. These tools can help prepare and get your online teaching plan together, help keep students engaged, interested, and excited to learn, create a classroom culture and build student professional identity in an on line format, and help you as the professor share the information in an easy to use and clear manner. Some of the tools to be discussed include Kaizena, Vialogues, Pad let, and A Web Whiteboard (AWW). In addition, we'll introduce and discuss how to create a law school avatar to both figuratively and literally stand in for the on line student, and enhance the student experience. We'll each briefly introduce a tool, explain its purpose, and give a quick demonstration of how it works. We'll also each record a short tutorial on using the tool that will be uploaded separately.

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Sue Altmeyer, Tiffany Johnson, Joy Kanwar, Abby Perdue, et al.. "Introduction to Various Online Teaching Tools" (2020)
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