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Let’s Talk About Trigger Warnings: Best Practices in Teaching Tough Topics
AALS (2016)
  • Kim D. Chanbonpin
The controversial New Yorker article addressing trigger warnings, “The Trouble with Teaching Rape Law” by Harvard Law Professor Jeannie Suk, published in December 2014, immediately sparked blog posts and informal discussions across the legal academic arena. Sufficient time needed to pass before the knee jerk response ceased and readiness to discuss and present on best practices emerged. Now is the ideal time to broaden the discussion and consider the primary issue at hand – how best to ensure that law students learn important material well. The Balance in Legal Education section, with its historically dual purpose of ensuring high quality legal education that promotes the creation of personally well balanced attorneys able to sustain the demands of legal practice is the ideal section to host this discussion in an inclusive and thoughtful manner.
  • trigger warnings,
  • pedagogy,
  • law schools,
  • legal education
Publication Date
January, 2016
Citation Information
Kim D. Chanbonpin. "Let’s Talk About Trigger Warnings: Best Practices in Teaching Tough Topics" AALS (2016)
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