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Welcome Breakfast
SALT Teaching Conference: Teaching Social Justice, Expanding Access to Justice: The Role of Legal Education & The Legal Profession
  • Kim D. Chanbonpin, The John Marshall Law School
  • Cesar Cuauhtemoc Garcia Hernandez, Capital University Law School
Ceremonial Moot Court Room
Start Date
4-10-2012 9:00 AM
End Date
4-10-2012 9:30 AM

Everyone in the room is asked to briefly introduce herself or himself.

This segment of the workshop is geared toward students, fellows, practitioners, and activists, who have not yet landed their first job in the legal academy as well as current members of the academy who would like to support future members of the legal academy.

Citation Information
Kim D. Chanbonpin and Cesar Cuauhtemoc Garcia Hernandez. "Welcome Breakfast" (2012)
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