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Mock Job Talk (Breakout Sessions)
SALT Teaching Conference: Teaching Social Justice, Expanding Access to Justice: The Role of Legal Education & The Legal Profession
  • Kim Chanbonpin, The John Marshall Law School
  • Jonathan Glater, University of California, Irvine School of Law
  • Christopher Hines, Northern Illinois University College of Law
Rooms 107, 205, 302, 307, 309, and 310
Start Date
4-10-2012 3:25 PM
End Date
4-10-2012 4:35 PM
These sessions gives candidates an opportunity to get a sense of what happens at a job talk and highlights high stakes issues underlying certain types of questions for critical, progressive, and social justice oriented scholars and teachers. These sessions have two parts: 20 minutes are devoted to a simulated job talk, including questions from the audience, and 45 minutes are allocated for discussion and questions. We encourage all workshop participants to attend one of these breakout sessions to support and aid those who are currently on the job market.
Citation Information
Kim Chanbonpin, Jonathan Glater and Christopher Hines. "Mock Job Talk (Breakout Sessions)" (2012)
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