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Mathematical habits of mind
  • Kien H Lim, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Annie Selden
The idea of “mathematical habits of mind” has been introduced to emphasize the need to help students think about mathematics “the way mathematicians do.” There seems to be considerable interest among mathematics educators and mathematicians in helping students develop mathematical habits of mind. The objectives of this working group are: (a) to discuss various views and aspects of mathematical habits of mind, (b) to explore avenues for research, (c) to encourage research collaborations, and (d) to interest doctoral students in this topic. To facilitate the discussion during the working group meetings, we provide an overview of mathematical habits of mind, including concepts that are closely related to habits of mind—ways of thinking, mathematical practices, knowing-to act in the moment, cognitive disposition, and behavioral schemas.
  • Habits of Mind,
  • Ways of Thinking,
  • Behavioral Schemas,
  • Cognitive Disposition,
  • Metacognition,
  • Mathematics Education
Publication Date
September, 2009
Citation Information
Kien H Lim and Annie Selden. "Mathematical habits of mind" (2009)
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