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Prior knowledge and information-seeking behavior of PhD and MA students
Library & Information Science Research (2011)
  • Mahmood Khosrowjerdi
  • Mohammad Iranshahi
Information seeking and its dimensions have been analyzed and measured in different disciplines and contexts and the relationships to other variables, such as gender, task, knowledge, personality, experience, and expertise, have been measured by researchers and have yielded helpful results. In this study, the relationships between information-seeking behavior and prior knowledge of graduate (MA and PhD) students at Tehran University were tested and analyzed. Results show positive and strong relationships between these two variables. Moreover, some dimensions of information-seeking behavior and some aspects of prior knowledge (expertise, familiarity, and past experience) had positive and significant relationships.
  • information seeking behavior,
  • students,
  • Iran,
  • prior knowledge
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Mahmood Khosrowjerdi and Mohammad Iranshahi. "Prior knowledge and information-seeking behavior of PhD and MA students" Library & Information Science Research Vol. 33 (2011)
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