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Determinants and implications of long audit reporting lags : evidence from China
Accounting and Business Research
  • Koon Hung CHAN, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Wei, Vivian LUO, State University of New York, Buffalo
  • Lai Lan, Phyllis MO, City University of Hong Kong
Document Type
Journal article
Publication Date
  • audit reporting lag,
  • non-standard audit opinions,
  • restatements,
  • auditor-client negotiation

Audit reporting lag is the single most important determinant influencing the timeliness of the release of financial statements. In this study, we first explore the determinants of audit reporting lags in China where the audit market for listed firms is dominated by non-Big 4 auditors. We then examine the implications of long audit reporting lags in subsequent years. We find that selected measures of audit risk and complexity, and auditor expertise are all associated with the length of audit reporting lags in China. Firms with long audit reporting lags are more likely to have the receipt of non-standard opinions in subsequent periods. There is also evidence that firms with extremely long audit reporting lags tend to have more restatements in the subsequent year. As prior research has not specifically investigated the consequences of long audit reporting lags in subsequent years, this study makes an important contribution to the literature in this area.

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Chan, K. H., Luo, V. W., & Mo, P. L. L. (2016). Determinants and implications of long audit reporting lags: Evidence from China. Accounting and Business Research, 46(2), 145-166. doi: 10.1080/00014788.2015.1039475