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Gubernatorial Reputation and Vertical Tax Externalities: All Smoke, No Fire?
WCOB Working Papers
  • Per G. Fredriksson, University of Louisville
  • Khawaja A. Mamun, Sacred Heart University
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This paper investigates whether reputation-building strategies guide U.S. governors’ responses to changes in federal cigarette taxes (i.e. vertical tax interactions). Using 1975-2000 state cigarette tax data, we find that reputation-building strategies affect the nature of vertical tax externalities. Lame duck governors exhibit a more negative response to changes in the federal cigarette tax. Thus, by reducing the state tax base and by causing a decline in the state tax, an increase in the federal tax rate reduces state tax revenues in states headed by lame ducks.
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Per G. Fredriksson and Khawaja A. Mamun. "Gubernatorial Reputation and Vertical Tax Externalities: All Smoke, No Fire?" (2009)
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