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Model Development as a Research Tool: An Example of PAK-NISEA
Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal)
  • Farzana Shafique, Islamia University, Bahawalpur
  • Khalid Mahmood, University of the Punjab
The study consists of two parts. The first briefly highlights the research methods used in library and information science (LIS). It identifies model development as an effective research method for LIS research. It also reviews different aspects of models and their use in LIS research in Pakistan. The second part illustrates an example of a draft model entitled “PAK-NISEA” recently proposed for a PhD project. Related issues of the proposed model, i.e. rationale, objectives, research methodology, data collection process, important characteristics of PAK-NISEA, are also discussed.
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Farzana Shafique and Khalid Mahmood. "Model Development as a Research Tool: An Example of PAK-NISEA"
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