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Numinous Experiences with Museum Objects
Visitor Studies
  • Kiersten F Latham, Kent State University - Kent Campus
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  • museums,
  • museum studies,
  • numinous,
  • museum objects
It has been over a decade since Cameron and Gatewood (2000, 2003; Gatewood & Cameron, 2004) conducted their immensely intriguing research on numinous experiences in museums. Inspired by this pioneering work, the current study was undertaken to investigate more deeply these kinds of experiences with museum objects. The essence of this encounter, as revealed by a phenomenological investigation, is comprised of a holistic uniting of intellect and affect, with a direct link to the tangible and symbolic nature of the object, a feeling of being transported, and intensely profound connections with the past, self, and spirit. These experiences are interpreted as document-centered flow experiences that fall more into the category of mystical experience than traditional learning experience. Further understanding of numinous encounters in museums can help museum practitioners make intentional choices about objects, design, and format that can serve to stimulate, connect, and inspire our museum audiences.
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Kiersten F Latham. "Numinous Experiences with Museum Objects" Visitor Studies Vol. 16 Iss. 1 (2013) p. 3 - 20
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