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Student Loans and the Dynamics of Debt
  • Brad J. Hershbein
  • Kevin M. Hollenbeck

The papers included in this volume represent the most current research and knowledge available about student loans and repayment. It serves as a valuable reference for researchers and policymakers who seek a deeper understanding of how, why, and which students borrow for their postsecondary education; how this borrowing may affect later decisions; and what measures can help borrowers repay their loans successfully.

  • student loans,
  • college debt,
  • college costs,
  • scholarships,
  • college access,
  • postsecondary access,
  • loan repayment,
  • loan defaults,
  • postsecondary education,
  • financial aid,
  • higher education,
  • universities,
  • colleges
Publication Date
January 1, 2015
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.
978-0-88099-485-9 (cloth) ; 978-0-88099-484-2 (pbk.)
Publisher Statement
  1. Introduction / Brad Hershbein and Kevin M. Hollenbeck
  2. The Evolution of Student Debt in the United States / Sandy Baum
  3. Measuring Student Debt and Its Performance / Donghoon Lee, Meta Brown, Andrew Haughwout, Joelle Scally, and Wilbert van der Klaauw
  4. The Distribution of College Graduate Debt, 1990-2008 : A Decomposition Approach / Brad Hershbein and Kevin M. Hollenbeck
  5. Understanding Changes in the Distribution of Student Loan Debt over Time / Beth Akers, Matthew M. Chingos, and Alice M. Henriques
  6. College Costs and Financial Constraints: Student Borrowing at For-Profit Institutions / Stephanie Riegg Cellini and Rajeev Darolia
  7. Private Student Loans and Bankruptcy: Did Four-Year Under Undergraduates Benefit from the Increased Collectability of Student Loans? / Xiaoling Ang and Dalié Jiménez
  8. Default and Repayment among Baccalaureate Degree Earners / Lance J. Lockner and Alexander Monge-Naranjo
  9. The Effects of Student Loans on Long-Term Household Financial Stability / Dora Gicheva and Jeffrey Thompson
  10. Making Sense of Loan Aversion: Evidence from Wisconsin / Sara Goldrick-Rab and Robert Kelchen
  11. Federal Student Loan Policy: Improving Loan Design, Repayment, and Consumer Protections / Lauren Asher, Debbie Cochrane, Pauline Abernathy, Diane Cheng, Joseph Mais, and Jessica Thompson
  12. Loans for Educational Opportunity: Making Borrowing Work for Today’s Students / Susan Dynarski and Daniel Kreisman
  13. Measuring the Benefits of Income-Based Repayment for Graduate and Professional Students / Jason Delisle, Alex Holt, and Kristin Blagg
Citation Information
Hershbein, Brad and Kevin M. Hollenbeck, eds. 2015. Student Loans and the Dynamics of Debt. Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.