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In Their Own Words: Student Perspectives on School-To-Work Opportunities
External Papers and Reports
  • Kevin Hollenbeck, W.E. Upjohn Institute
Focus group interviews were held with approximately 60 of the several hundred high school students who are participating in school-to-work transition programs offered through the Kalamazoo County (Michigan) Education for Employment (EFE) consortium, The 10 focus groups held involved 5-8 students each and were distributed across program types as follows: 3 school-based programs; 4 worksite-based classroom programs; 1 workforce entry; 1business/industry worksite trainIng; and 1 apprenticeship. The students were quite satisfied with their EFE program and credited it with helping them do the following: learn more effectively; formulate and work toward post secondary education plans; formulate career interests; acquire employability and personal development skills; and obtain desirable part-time employment. The students also identified problems and challenges in the following areas: scheduling and transportation; educational content of work experiences; lack of challenge in coursework: and inadequate publicity and outreach to students.
Academy for Educational Development
U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, Office of Research, Contract No. RR91172012
Citation Information
Hollenbeck, Kevin. 1996. "In Their Own Words: Student Perspectives on School-To-Work Opportunities." Washington, D.C.: National Institute for Work and Learning, Academy for Educational Development.