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Assessing the Impact of Job Loss on Workers and Firms
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  • Kristin F Butcher, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Kevin F Hallock, Cornell University
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Many economists agree that the United States’ openness to competition and technological change raises our living standards, but sometimes results in job losses. This article summarizes “Job Loss: Causes Consequences, and Policy Responses,” a conference which was cosponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank Chicago and the Joyce Foundation.

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Butcher, K. F. & Hallock, K. F. (2006, April). Assessing the impact of job loss on workers and firms. Chicago Fed Letter (No. 225a).

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Copyright by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

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Kristin F Butcher and Kevin F Hallock. "Assessing the Impact of Job Loss on Workers and Firms" (2006)
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