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Navigating Web Site Design
Proceedings of the Internet Librarian Conference (1999)
  • Kevin Brewer, Utah State University

urrent Web navigational patterns lack the traditional environmental aids of nodes, paths, and landmarks found in physical space. Adding to this is the lack of pattern recognition as a Website navigational aid. Explores the development of the library homepage as an opportunity to initiate and design Websites that help users navigate the Web. By developing a ``sense of place'' on the Web, librarians can help users take advantage of cognitive mapping principles as they explore the library Website and beyond. Consistency in design and implementation of a library Website can offer visitors the opportunity to experience a ``sense of place'' from which their explorations on the Web can be grounded. As such, these intentionally designed Websites become important learning environments as well as portals to the Web for more advanced users.

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Kevin Brewer. "Navigating Web Site Design" Proceedings of the Internet Librarian Conference (1999)
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