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Quasi-two-dimensional Numerical Model for Stability Simulation of a Cable-in-conduit Conductor
Cryogenics (1999)
  • Norikiyo Koizumi
  • Kevin McFall, Kennesaw State University
  • Katsunori Azuma
  • Kunihiro Matsui
  • Yoshikazu Takahashi
  • Hiroshi Tsuji
We have developed numerical code for stability simulation of a cable-in-conduit conductor (CICC), POCHI, resulting in improved accuracy in stability simulation. However, there still remains some degree of error in evaluation for removing heat from the strand to the coolant because of limitations of the analytical model. In the new model, coolant temperature is calculated on two-dimensional grids in the effective thermal boundary layer around the strand, in which the coolant temperature changes from the strand temperature to that of the coolant main flow, neglecting the effect of coolant convection and heat conduction in the conductor axis direction. (Our model is then called ‘quasi-two-dimensional’.) In addition, a non-uniform mesh system is applied for numerical calculation to reduce computational (CPU) time. The simulation results obtained by using POCHI and an improved version (POCHI2) were compared with the experimental results of stability for a small CICC for verification of the codes. Both simulation results were in good agreement with those of the experiment in the magnitude. However, dependence of the stability calculated by POCHI on the initial coolant flow rate had some inconsistencies with the experiment. These inconsistencies could be removed by the use of POCHI2 with a reasonable increase, only a few times longer, in CPU time. These results verify the validity of POCHI2.
  • Cable-in-conduit conductor,
  • finite differencing,
  • stability
Publication Date
June, 1999
Citation Information
Norikiyo Koizumi, Kevin McFall, Katsunori Azuma, Kunihiro Matsui, et al.. "Quasi-two-dimensional Numerical Model for Stability Simulation of a Cable-in-conduit Conductor" Cryogenics Vol. 39 Iss. 6 (1999) p. 495 - 507 ISSN: 0011-2275
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