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Correcting errors in the L2 classroom: students' and teachers' perceptions
Revista Electrónica del Lenguaje (2015)
  • Kerwin A. Livingstone, Universidade do Porto

Correcting students’ errors is necessary for improving their linguistic and communicative competence. This study seeks to examine students’ and teachers’ perceptions about error correction in the L2 classroom. An online survey was designed and sent out to a purposive sample. The sample consists of 12 students from the University of Guyana’s Modern Language Programme, who are pursuing a career in Spanish, French and Portuguese (with B1 and C1 language levels), and 9 teachers (7 current/2 former) from the Programme who specialise in teaching these different languages. The results of the survey are analysed and discussed through a mixed method approach, and conclusions are drawn from the information presented. Recommendations are made for language teachers to use various kinds of error correction (corrective feedback) strategies in the classroom, in order to provide students with the necessary stimuli to correct their language errors, and to engender significant learning experiences.

  • L2,
  • L2 acquisition,
  • error,
  • error correction,
  • error correction strategies,
  • corrective feedback.
Publication Date
Fall October 9, 2015
Citation Information
Kerwin A. Livingstone. "Correcting errors in the L2 classroom: students' and teachers' perceptions" Revista Electrónica del Lenguaje Vol. 2.3 (2015)
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