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Insights Available as We Approach the Original Text
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  • Kerry M. Muhlestein
  • LDS,
  • Book of Mormon,
  • Royal Skousen
What excites me most about Royal Skousen's Analysis of Textual Variants,Part One: 1 Nephi 1 2 Nephi 10 (hereafter Analysis) is what it says about Latter-day Saints' commitment to the scriptures in general and to the Book of Mormon specifically. This volume, like others in the series published to date, bespeaks our desire to know, as accurately as possible, what the text actually says. We understand that even those with the best intentions sometimes introduce mistakes into the most sacred and important texts. Skousen demonstrates that he and others value the Book of Mormon so much that meticulous and intense efforts are under way to preserve the text in its most pristine state.
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Insights Available as We Approach the Original Text, Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 15/2 (26), 6-65.
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Peer-Reviewed Article
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Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
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Kerry M. Muhlestein. "Insights Available as We Approach the Original Text" (2006)
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