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Developing a Librarian Liaison Role to Support the Nursing Research Councils at Inova
Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association (2013)
  • Kerry Dhakal, Inova Health System
  • Melinda Byrns, Inova Health System
  • Lois Culler, Inova Health System
  • Mary Ann Friesen, Inova Health System
Objective: To develop a librarian liaison role for the Inova Health System’s Nursing Research Councils. In addition, the project aims to establish and improve connections with all nurses conducting research at Inova facilities.
Methods: Through a process of needs assessment, collaboration on research activities, outreach, teaching activities, and promotion this project promoted awareness and usage of library services by members of the nursing research councils. The librarian liaison works directly with each of the six nursing research councils to inform them of the library’s services and resources specific to their needs and goals. The project highlights and publicizes existing resources on the website. In addition, this project will add nursing research publications into Inova’s Institutional Repository as well as provide access to and management of the online journal club forum. This project will rely on already established partnerships in place with nursing research leadership at Inova Health System.
Results: The project raises awareness of library resources and services, supports Magnet activities across the Inova system, improves visibility of nursing research at Inova through inclusion in our Institutional Repository, provides training for the novice nurse researcher and demonstrate value of library staff in support of all nursing research activities.
Conclusion: This project could serve as a model that could be implemented by other medical librarians supporting their institution’s nursing research councils or nursing research activities.
  • librarianship,
  • nursing research
Publication Date
October, 2013
Citation Information
Kerry Dhakal, Melinda Byrns, Lois Culler and Mary Ann Friesen. "Developing a Librarian Liaison Role to Support the Nursing Research Councils at Inova" Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association (2013)
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