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About Kent D. Palmer

I work as a Systems and Software Engineer, but have had an active research life outside academia working in subjects like Philosophy (especially Ontology), Systems Theory, Systems and Software Engineering Foundations including Architectural Design and Process Engineering. I have written several books which are made available here in a printable form.
My original Ph.D. was in Sociology and Philosophy of Science at the London School of Economics, University of London, UK with a dissertation presented in 1982 on "The Structure of Theoretical Systems in relation to Emergence".
I was a student at the University of South Australia, Defence and Systems Institute doing my second Ph.D. on the Foundations of Emergent Science and Engineering called "Emergent Design". This Ph.D. was awarded Dec. 17, 2009. See Links for hyperlink to dissertation in the University of South Australia ARROW repository
Some of these books are also available thru
You can see my answer to questions on Quora at
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Research Interests

Advanced Systems Theory, Philosophy, Especially Metaphysics, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Process Engineering, Sociology, and Holonomics

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Kent Palmer