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Structural Insights into the Architecture of the Hyperthermophilic Fusellovirus SSV1
  • Kenneth M. Stedman, Portland State University
  • Melissa DeYoung, Portland State University
  • Mitul Saha, University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Michael B. Sherman, University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Marc C. Morais, University of Texas Medical Branch
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  • Virology research,
  • Archaebacteria -- Host-virus relationships,
  • Thermophilic microorganisms,
  • Biology,
  • Genomics,
  • Microbiology
The structure and assembly of many icosahedral and helical viruses are well-characterized. However, the molecular basis for the unique spindle-shaped morphology of many viruses that infect Archaea remains unknown. To understand the architecture and assembly of these viruses, the spindle-shaped virus SSV1 was examined using cryo-EM, providing the first 3D-structure of a spindle-shaped virus as well as insight into SSV1 biology, assembly and evolution. Furthermore, a geometric framework underlying the distinct spindle-shaped structure is proposed.

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Kenneth M. Stedman, Melissa DeYoung, Mitul Saha, Michael B. Sherman, Marc C. Morais, Structural insights into the architecture of the hyperthermophilic Fusellovirus SSV1, Virology, Volume 474, 1 January 2015, Pages 105-109, ISSN 0042-6822,