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Finding RNA-DNA Hybrid Viruses
Student Research Symposium
  • Jeremy Filip, Portland State University
  • Geoffery S. Diemer, Portland State University
  • Kenneth M. Stedman, Portland State University
Start Date
8-5-2013 11:00 AM
  • Microbial genomics,
  • Viruses -- Evolution,
  • Thermophilic microrganisms,
  • Recombinant DNA

Until extremely recently it was thought that recombination between DNA and RNA viruses was practically nonexistent. The discovery of the "RNA-DNA Hybrid Virus" (RDHV) genome in a metavirome from a hightemperature acidic lake changed this view (Diemer and Stedman, 2012). We, and others, have discovered multiple examples of this recombination "hiding in plain sight" in multiple both published and unpublished metagenomes from many different environments and recent publications (Rosario et al., 2012 a Tae Woong Whon et al, 2012, Mitsuhiro Yoshida et al., 2013, and several others through personal communication). Comparing the proteins within these hybrid viruses against each other will reveal conserved regions. This will also reveal insight into the evolutionary relationships between the various viruses. Locating conserved sequences will allow for the creation of detection tools such as degenerate primers which can be employed on environmental samples to detect the presence of similar viruses. Finding more Hybrid RNA-DNA viruses may eventually help further the understanding of viral evolution.

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Jeremy Filip, Geoffery S. Diemer and Kenneth M. Stedman. "Finding RNA-DNA Hybrid Viruses" (2013)
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