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Unpublished Paper
Lifetime Reproductive Traits in Landrace, Yorkshire and Crossbred Sows
Animal Industry Report
  • Linda Engblom, Iowa State University
  • Kenneth J. Stalder, Iowa State University
  • John W. Mabry, Iowa State University
  • Clint R. Schwab, National Swine Registry
Extension Number
ASL R2561
Publication Date
Summary and Implications
Selection for more robustness could improve sow longevity. The problem is that sow longevity is truly expressed in crossbred sows in commercial herds but selection is performed among purebred animals in nucleus herds. The present study investigated sow longevity traits on both levels to determine whether the use of commercial performance can facilitate added genetic progress in nucleus animals. Heritability estimates were estimated from 0.00 to 0.16 for Landrace, Yorkshire and crossbred F1sows. Preliminary results indicate that it could be useful to implement data from crossbred sows in breeding evaluations to improve selection accuracy for sow longevity.
Copyright Holder
Iowa State University
Citation Information
Linda Engblom, Kenneth J. Stalder, John W. Mabry and Clint R. Schwab. "Lifetime Reproductive Traits in Landrace, Yorkshire and Crossbred Sows" (2010)
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