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Unpublished Paper
Drinker to Nursery Pigs Ratio: Effects on Drinking Behavior and Performance
Animal Industry Report
  • Larry J. Sadler, Iowa State University
  • Jill R. Garvey, Iowa State University
  • Tony J. Uhlenkamp, Iowa State University
  • Ciara J. Jackson, Iowa State University
  • Kenneth J. Stalder, Iowa State University
  • Anna K. Johnson, Iowa State University
  • Locke A. Karriker, Iowa State University
  • Roy A. Edler, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
  • J. Tyler Holck, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
  • Paul R. DuBois, Cargill Pork
Extension Number
ASL R2335
Publication Date
Summary and Implications
The effect of pig ratio to cup waterers was evaluated to determine changes on pig drinking behavior and performance. Ratios of 1:25 (treatment 1), 1:12 (treatment 2), and 1:8 (treatment 3) were studied. Treatment 3 drank more frequently than those provide with one or two cup waterers per pen. There was a trend for pigs provided 2 or 3 cup waterers in a pen to have increased average daily gains. While further research is needed to quantify and confirm these findings, a nursery providing a ratio closer to published guidelines may lead to increase performance.
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Iowa State University
Citation Information
Larry J. Sadler, Jill R. Garvey, Tony J. Uhlenkamp, Ciara J. Jackson, et al.. "Drinker to Nursery Pigs Ratio: Effects on Drinking Behavior and Performance" (2008)
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