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Psychology's Use of Animals: Current Practices and Attitudes
  • Kenneth J. Shapiro, Animals and Society Institute
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Book Chapter
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In this chapter, I present a psychology primer for the uninitiated, with special emphasis on psychology's uses of animals. After sketching the scope of the field generally, I review available data on present numbers and species of animals used in psychological research, level of suffering induced and current trends. I also provide several concrete examples of psychological research involving animals. Finally, the chapter concludes with a presentation of attitudes of psychologists toward animals and these practices.


This file contains a pre-print version of the document, which has content similar to the final edited version but is not formatted according to the layout of the published book or journal. Some chapters may be missing particular elements, such as figures and tables.

Citation Information
Shapiro, K. J. (1998). Psychology's use of animals: current practices and attitudes. In K. Shapiro, Animal models of human psychology: a critique of science, ethics, and policy. Seattle: Hogrefe & Huber.