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World of Warcraft: The Educational Tool
The Selected Works of Kenneth Pierce (2007)
  • Kenneth R Pierce, University of Texas at El Paso
One of the most interesting topics in the educational circles today is the use of gaming and simulation techniques for instruction. We have created a society of children and adults who are growing up in an environment where continued stimulation is the norm. Look at students who are in need of staying in touch through their cell phones, laptops, instant messaging, text messaging, and email. This stimulation and constant bombardment of communication plays a significant role in their learning. Traditional methods of teaching this new generation of children and young adults are going to have minimal effect on their learning if not augmented by the use of and inclusion of various other stimulations that can keep them engaged.
  • World of Warcraft Online Gaming Education
Publication Date
March 23, 2007
Publisher Statement
This is a draft article on the use of Online Gaming in assisting parents in teaching their children certain important life concepts. This article is available for commercial publishing by contacting the author.
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Kenneth R Pierce. "World of Warcraft: The Educational Tool" The Selected Works of Kenneth Pierce (2007)
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