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Renewable Resource Systems and Regimes: Key Missing Links in Global Change Studies
Global Environmental Change (1992)
  • Kenneth Dahlberg, Western Michigan University
The author argues that as we move towards a post fossil fuel era, societies will become more dependent on renewable resource systems; that current food and fibre systems at national and subnational levels are only partially understood because of the great emphasis placed on their production aspects; that at regional and international scales, agriculture, grazing, forestry, and fisheries overlap in multiple- use renewable resource regimes which are not captured with current concepts and data sets; that, just as with other aspects of industrial society, hierarchical approaches and contextual analysis are needed to capture the full environmental, social, and technological dimensions of these systems and regimes; and that only through a reconceptualization and rethinking along these lines will we be able to restructure current industrial systems in ways designed to develop more sustainable and regenerative systems
Publication Date
June, 1992
Citation Information
Kenneth Dahlberg. "Renewable Resource Systems and Regimes: Key Missing Links in Global Change Studies" Global Environmental Change Vol. 2 Iss. 2 (1992) p. 128 - 152 ISSN: 0959-3780
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