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John Hyrcanus II
The Encyclopedia of Ancient History (2012)
  • Kenneth Atkinson
John Hyrcanus II was the youngest son of the Judaean monarch Alexander Jannaeus and queen Alexandra Salome. He served as high priest during his mother's nine‐year reign (76–67 BCE), and was likely appointed king just before her death. The two were members of the Jewish religious movement known as the Pharisees. Hyrcanus II's brother, Aristobulus II, staged a coup to remove him from power. Hyrcanus II abdicated the throne and the high priesthood after a reign of three months (Jos. BJ 1.120–2; AJ 14.4–7).
  • ancient New East history,
  • Judaism
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October 26, 2012
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Kenneth Atkinson. "John Hyrcanus II" FirstThe Encyclopedia of Ancient History (2012)
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