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Applying a Subculture of Violence Thesis to an Ongoing Criminal Lifestyle
Deviant Behavior (1995)
  • Kenneth D. Tunnell, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Terry C. Cox, Eastern Kentucky University

This article describes our case study of a random violent abduction and murder in a rural part of southeastern Kentucky located in the Appalachian mountains. The offender, who was raised in this rural and isolated part of Kentucky, had a long history of violence and had been socialized into what we identify as a subculture of violence that is still found today in homogeneous and isolated pockets of some Appalachian regions (among other areas). In our description and analysis of his ongoing criminal way of life and this specific act of violence, we rely on Miller's (1958) subcultural explanations. We particularly use Miller's focal concerns, that is, daily behavioral patterns that are reflected in this offender's culturally based and lower class lifestyle and his violent subcultural traits.

  • CRIMINAL act,
  • RURAL crimes,
  • CRIMINAL sociology,
  • VIOLENCE Social aspects
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Kenneth D. Tunnell and Terry C. Cox. "Applying a Subculture of Violence Thesis to an Ongoing Criminal Lifestyle" Deviant Behavior Vol. 16 Iss. 4 (1995)
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