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Managing growth and development in information technology-based new ventures: a life cycle perspective
School of Business Discussion Papers
  • Ken Moores, Bond University
  • Joseph Mula, Bond University
  • Susana Yuen
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Discussion Paper
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Ken Moores, Joseph Mula and Susana Yuen (1993) Managing Growth and Development in Information Technology-Based New Ventures: A Life Cycle Perspective

While financial assistance was provided by the Queensland Department of Business, Industry and Regional Development, this paper does not express the policy of the Queensland Government. The views, conclusions and recommendations contained in this paper are those of the authors. The paper does not commit the Government either to the views expressed or to future action.

School of Business Discussion Paper ; No. 47, Dec. 1993

© Copyright Ken Moores, Joseph Mula, Susana Yuen and the School of Business, Bond University



Unfortunately, little is known about how technology-based new ventures grow and develop. A better understanding of their growth patterns and associated management problems will facilitate focused government action. This paper identifies the management problems encountered by information technology (IT) firms in their endeavours to grow and develop. From this the paper distils the management measures associated with successful growth and development. The paper concludes with recommendations on government initiatives and policies designed to overcome these problems at the firm level, and which encourage the development of a state-based IT industry.

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Ken Moores, Joseph Mula and Susana Yuen. "Managing growth and development in information technology-based new ventures: a life cycle perspective" (1993)
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