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The Main Problem with USC Libertarianism
Philosophical Studies
  • Ken Levy, Louisiana State University Law Center

Libertarians like Robert Kane believe that indeterminism is necessary for free will. They think this in part because they hold both ( 1) that my being the ultimate cause of at least part of myself is necessary for free will and (2) that indeterminism is necessary for this "ultimate self-causation". But seductive and intuitive as this "USC Libertarianism" may sound, it is untenable. In the end, no metaphysically coherent (not to mention empirically valid) conception of ultimate self-causation is available. So the basic intuition motivating the USC Libertarian is ultimately impossible to fulfill.


105 Phil. Stud. 107 (2001)

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Ken Levy. "The Main Problem with USC Libertarianism" Philosophical Studies (2001)
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