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Pharmacokinetics of Flumazenil and Midazolam in Paediatric Patients
British Journal of Anaesthesia (1993)
  • Kelvin Chan

We have studied simultaneously the pharmacokinetics of flumazenil and midazolam in 12 healthy Chinese children, aged 5 - 9 yr, undergoing circumcision. Two hours before operation each patient received midazolam 0.5 mg kg-1 orally for premedication and 0.5 mg kg-1 i.v. during induction. Six minutes after cessation of anaesthesia, a bolus of flumazenil 10 µg kg-1 was given i.v., followed by an infusion of flumazenil at 5 µg kg-1 min-1 which was maintained until the child could identify himself. Midazolam data were consistent with a three-compartment model with a mean (SD) elimination half-life of 107 (30) min, total body clearance of 15.4 (3.2) ml min-1 kg-1 and apparent volume of distribution at steady state of 1.9 (0.6) litre kg-1. Flumazenil data were best interpreted by a mono-exponential function, with a mean terminal elimination half-life of 35.3 (13.8) min, a total plasma clearance of 20.6 (6.9) ml min-1 kg-1 and apparent volume of distribution at steady state of 1.0 (0.2) litre kg-1. No unchanged midazolam was detected in the 24 h urine sample, but 5.8 - 13.8% of the flumazenil dose was recovered unchanged. At the time of self identification, 4.5 (1.4) min after flumazenil administration, the mean plasma concentrations of midazolam and flumazenil were 163/1 (43.7) and 29.9 (16.1) µg ml-1, respectively.

  • Flumazenil,
  • Midazolam,
  • pharmacokinetics,
  • paediatrics
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Kelvin Chan. "Pharmacokinetics of Flumazenil and Midazolam in Paediatric Patients" British Journal of Anaesthesia Vol. 70 (1993)
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