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Plasma Concentration and Metabolism of Phenoperidine in Man
British Journal of Anaesthesia (1980)
  • Kelvin Chan

The plasma concentrations of phenoperidine were measured in five patients during general anaesthesia. The concentration of the drug decreased rapidly between 2 and 40 min and then declined more slowly. Detectable concentrations of phenoperidine were present in plasma for at least 3 h. In the five patients, the distribution half-life of the drug ranged from 3.19 to 14.23 min and the climination half-life from 47.31 to 162.30 min. Unchanged phenoperidine and two identified metabolites (pethidine and norpethidine) were present in urine.

  • phenoperidine,
  • plasma concentration,
  • metabolism,
  • man
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Kelvin Chan. "Plasma Concentration and Metabolism of Phenoperidine in Man" British Journal of Anaesthesia Vol. 52 (1980)
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