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Plasma Clearance of Neostigmine and Pyridostigmine in the Dog
British Journal of Pharmacology (1978)
  • Kelvin Chan

1. The pharmacokinetics of neostigmine and pyridostigmine was studied in conscious dogs by the use of a cross-over design. 2. Both neostigmine and pyridostigmine were cleared from plasma in a biexponential manner. 3. The apparent volume of distribution of pyridostigmine was invariably greater than that of neostigmine, and its fast disposition half-life was approximately three times longer. 4. The whole body clearance and the urinary elimination of pyridostigmine was approximately twice that of neostigmine. 5. the slow disposition half-life of pyridostigmine was approximately three times longer than that of neostigmine, suggesting that the longer duration of action of pyridostigmine is related to the differential clearance of the two quaternary amines from plasma.

  • neostigmine,
  • pyridostigmine,
  • dog,
  • plasma clearance
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Kelvin Chan. "Plasma Clearance of Neostigmine and Pyridostigmine in the Dog" British Journal of Pharmacology Vol. 63 (1978)
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