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About Kelvin Chan

Professor Chan has taken the Joint Chair at Herbal Research & Education Centre (Faculty of Pharmacy) in University of Sydney and Centre for Complementary Medicine Research (College of Health & Science) in University of Western Sydney since 1st December 2009.
He was formerly: the Foundation Chair Professor of Pharmacy & Pharmacology and Director of Research & Development in Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences in the School of Applied Sciences (2005 to 2009) and set up a new Master of Pharmacy degree course in the University of Wolverhampton; Chair Professor in Biomedical Science at the Institute for the Advance of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong Baptist University (2000 to 2005); Chair Professor and Director of Pharmacy & Biomedical Science at the School of Pharmacy in Liverpool John Moores University (1992 to 2000) with a 3 year secondment to the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Health as the Chair Professor of Biomedical Science and Scientific Director to set up the Herbal Research at the Zayed Herbal Research & Traditional Medicine Complex (1997 to 2000).
He was initially trained as an Industrial Pharmacist in Dosage Form Development, has over 20 years of working experience and expertise in research on the safety and activity aspects of Chinese medicinal materials (CMM) since the mid 1980s while he was teaching and researching in medical pharmacology and clinical pharmacokinetics as a Senior Lecturer/Reader of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (1983 to 1992), covering research areas in: phytochemical separation, biomedical and pharmaceutical analyses, toxicity of potent CMM, mechanisms of interactions between CMM and pharmaceuticals, clinical & evidence-based studies of pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines, QC/QA and R & D of CMM products with supervision and co-supervision of 29 (PhD, MD & Master) post-graduate students. He has published over 500 published articles in peer-reviewed papers, drug monographs, conference presentations, book chapters and three co-edited specialist books on Chinese medicine.
To focus on quality issues of CMM he has also supervised/co-supervised PhD programmes on Good Agricultural Practice of CMM (Angelica sinesis from 2001 to 2004 in Minxian China; Amorphophallus konjac from 2006 to present, in Yunnan China) and established an accredited quality control and assurance practice (ISO 17025) of Chinese medicines when he was in Hong Kong as part of Good Laboratory Practice (2000 to 2005).
Professor Chan currently sits on the ‘International Advisory Board of the Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards’ organized by the Hong Kong Government Department of Health and is appointed as a Visiting Professor in several Key Laboratories, such as College of Pharmacy in JiNan University (Guangzhou), Institute for Medicinal Plant Development (Beijing) working on TCM in China. He is also an expert member of the Biology & Medicine Panel of the Hong Kong Research Grant Council (2003 to 2009) advising on funding proposals on pharmacology & toxicology and subjects related to TCM research. He is a UK member of the ‘Working Party on Traditional Chinese Medicines’ at the European Directorate for Quality Medicines & Healthcare formulating TCM monographs for the European Pharmacopoeia (2008 to present) and a member of the British Pharmacopoeia Commission Subcommittee on ‘Herbal and Complementary Medicines.’ (2006 to 2009). He is one of the Founding Members and Editors of Journal of Complementary & Integrative Medicine (Bepress, California) and serves on the editorial boards of 6 other scientific journals.
Through his established networks and good research relationships with scientists and practitioners working on TCM in China, Europe, Australia and North America, Professor Chan has given valuable support as a Consortium Expert of the EU funded Frame-work 7 in Healthcare project on ‘Good Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Post Genomic Era’ to the Work Packages 1 (Quality Control) and Work Package 3 (Safety), in addition to being the Co-Chair of Work Package 7 on ‘Functional Genomics in R & D of Chinese Herbal Medicines’. Recently after his departure from Europe he has been invited to participate as Tutor and Member of the Training committee in the Marie Currie Initial Training Networks application on: Training EU Scientists Towards Good Practice (TEST-GP) in Traditional Chinese Medicine Research covering specialty areas—Quality, Safety and Interactions between Pharmaceutical Drugs and CMM.


Present Joint Chair in Traditional Chinese Medicine, University of Western Sydney
Present Joint Chair in Traditional Chinese Medicine, University of Sydney, Australia

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