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Researcher on the Creative Engine Project at DCU
  • Kelvin Martins, CCT College Dublin
In contemporary engineering education worldwide, there is a conflict between the need for technical knowledge and a growing recognition that young engineers must possess a wider array of cross-disciplinary skills that will allow them to function in real engineering teams.

Although much of engineering is inherently creative and innovative, teaching and education often focus on narrow and deep technical specifications, with little room in the curriculum for developing the ability to think and act creatively and innovatively. Whilst engineering is a highly disciplined subject, the elements of Creativity and Innovation are often not recognised and further developed in engineers.

Given this context, there is a need to develop new pedagogical and teacher training material focused on the integration of these vital skills into engineering education. Therefore, this Erasmus+ supported project - Creative Engine – aims to develop an openly accessible modular training course focused on the subject of Creativity and Innovation that will encourage future engineers to understand the value and relevance of these competencies within their studies and careers.

The project has five key outcomes including:
  1. The development of 6 new training modules on Creativity and Innovation in Engineering;
  2. A Report on the Innovation Skills needs of Engineering Industries across Europe;
  3. The production of Infographic report on Creativity and Innovation Needs;
  4. The Provision of Supplementary Resources Package on Creativity and Innovation;
  5. An Online Toolkit that companies can use to build awareness and understanding of creativity and innovation skills.
Several European partners have joined together in the Creative Engine project, including DCU in Ireland. Together, they aim to ensure that engineering learners are equipped with the necessary knowledge required to boost their employability opportunities, entrepreneurial capability and ability to become leading engineers.
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