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Dear Future Therapist: An Animated Short Film
Theses/Capstones/Creative Projects
  • Kelsie Stessman
Month/Year of Graduation
Degree Name
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
First Advisor
Russ Nordman

The short film produced over the course of this semester relates directly to how I, as an artist, utilize personal struggles into a concise body of work. Upon reflecting on my previous works, I discovered mental health is a recurring underlying theme. Anxiety has played an integral role in my life and felt compelled to share my experiences in hopes that it will destigmatize vulnerability.

The film begins by focusing on the protagonist who turns to an online therapy service in the middle of the night. The initial product was to follow the conversation she has with the algorithm through narrative and imagery. However, like all artistic productions, the animation evolved into an experimental, non-verbal representation of anxiety. By completely removing any narrative devices, the film addresses mental health abstractly and reinforces the silent struggles many people face today. In the final product a variety of interdisciplinary mediums are utilized such as found footage, hand-drawn animations, and digital collage.

Citation Information
Kelsie Stessman. "Dear Future Therapist: An Animated Short Film" (2018)
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