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Alternatives to Licensing of E-Resources
Serials Librarian (2008)
  • Kelly Smith, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Selden Lamoreux, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Rolnic Zachary

As libraries continue to increase the amount of content purchased in electronic format, the convention of signing a license agreement for each electronic product has become overly burdensome for both libraries and publishers. The delays inherent in this process have also created barriers to access for patrons. The NISO Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU) working group was formed in 2006 to develop a best practices alternative that will allow libraries and publishers to avoid licenses for some types of electronic resources by agreeing to the “Statements of Common Understandings for Subscribing to Electronic Resources” outlined on the NISO web site ( This report summarizes the history of the project and outlines next steps for libraries and publishers.

  • Electronic journals; license agreements; electronic publishing; NISO; SERU; best practices
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Smith, Kelly A. “Alternatives to Licensing of E-Resources,” presented by Selden Lamoreux and Zachary Rolnic. Serials Librarian 54(3/4) 2008, p. 281-287. Available at: