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Where’s the “T”?: Improving Library Service to Community Members Who Are Transgender-Identified
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  • Kelly J Thompson, School of Library and Information Science
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While efforts have been made in recent years to improve library service to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) identified library users, these efforts have generally overlooked the particular needs of transgender communities. As LIS professionals, we are called to provide library service to all members of our communities, particularly those who have traditionally been marginalized. This bibliographic essay provides a look at the unique information needs and barriers to library service which library users who are trangender-identified commonly face, as well as those resources which can assist libraries in ensuring they are adequately meeting the needs of these communities.
  • bibliographic essay,
  • transgender,
  • LGBT,
  • library service,
  • library users,
  • marginalized communities,
  • trans,
  • information needs,
  • information seeking behavior,
  • barriers to information access
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Kelly J Thompson. "Where’s the “T”?: Improving Library Service to Community Members Who Are Transgender-Identified" (2012) ISSN: 2155-6687
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